Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center

Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center (ACMC) is an alternative medical healing center. Our Austin acupuncture clinic provides holistic health care alternatives including acupuncture, herbal consultation, and Asian bodywork. What makes Acupuncture and Chinese Medical different is our truly holistic approach for health care by recognizing the benefits of both Western and Eastern medicine. We provide herbal products from our onsite herbal pharmacy, with or without acupuncture treatment. Our practitioners are among the finest and most recognized acupuncturists and Chinese herbologists in the western world with decades of clinical experience, many of which are in Austin. Dr. Yuxin He and Dr. Zimei Pan have trained at the most prestigious and internationally renowned Oriental medical schools in China and at nationally certified and highly respected acupuncture clinics in the USA. Our Chinese Medical Center offers the highest quality health care through alternative and complementary medical therapy. Our goal is compassionate and effective healthcare for our patients. Your support is very important to us and it is our sincere wish that you will visit us for consultation and treatment. Thank you for your friendship and support.